Cleansing hand gel


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Wild Temple Cleansing Hand Gel formulation includes fresh locally harvested aloe vera gel that will leave your hands feeling clean and soft. The sanitizing properties of this hand gel have been enhanced with lavender, lemon myrtle and tea tree essential oils that have been selected for their antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. Local and organically grown aloe vera gel is incorporated into this formula to soothe the hands and prevent drying.

Cleansing Hand Gel comes in a handy 30mL purse size glass pump bottle and is perfect to cleanse and condition hands when soap and water are not an option.

Note: This product has not been lab tested for its efficacy however it has been formulated with 70% ethanol alcohol which exceeds the WHO standards of 60%.
The essential oils in the formulation are widely known for their disinfecting properties and have been added at safe recommended levels for skin application. Cleansing Hand Gel should be used in situations where there is no immediate access to hand washing.
Soap and warm water is preferable to hand gel where available.